The New & Improved Powder Lift

The New & Improved Powder Lift

Thursday Feb 17th, 2022

Powder Lift is back and better than ever! We officially have a first look at new packaging for this product and confirmation that it is expected to be available in April. We're just as excited as you are to get our hands on this — because there's nothing better than a packaging refresh!

The new and sleek design offers easy application:

  1. Lightly tap sprayer for scalp application.
  2. Dispense a full pump into hands, then rake fingers through dry hair for texture.
  3. Blend with other styling products to boost hold and volume. 

Make sure you're following us on social media and visiting our website for updates on when it will hit the warehouse. As soon as it does, we'll get the word out so you can plan for ordering. 

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