Our Team

Fatica 3528 v3

Angela and Chris Fatica
Partners of Angelo's Salon Development Group


Must have hair product: Elixir One 
Hidden talent: I love to make bows for gifts and decorating 
Favorite musician: Annie Lenox
Go to snack: Lays Potato Chips 
Daily caffeine intake: 2 cups of coffee


Must have hair product: Beautifying Serum
Hidden talent: Brick Pointing (saves on maintenance costs)
Favorite musician: Neil Young 
Go to snack: White Cheddar Cheese Popcorn
Daily caffeine intake: 1-2 cups a day

Fatica 3640

Matt Irwin
Warehouse Manager


Lisa Callan
Salon Consultant, PA/Northeast OH

Must have hair product: Elevate because I'm an 80s lady and it's the #1 product
Hidden talent: I can eat a jar of peanut butter very fast
Favorite musician: Keith urban, he's just sexy
Go to snack: Nachos
Daily caffeine intake: 3 cups before I leave the house but I always keep a full yeti in my car


Chelsei Toth
Salon Consultant, OH

Must have hair product: Thickening serum
Hidden talent: I can sing with my mouth closed
Favorite musician: Arctic Monkeys 
Go to snack: A croissant with cookie butter + chocolate chips on top
Daily caffeine intake: 0-1 cup

Lia v3

Lia Fatica Dill
Marketing/Salon Consultant, PA

Must have hair product: Full Effect
Hidden talent: Cooking and baking
Favorite musician: I'm all over the board and can't possibly choose 1 so – Taylor Swift, Coldplay, SZA
Go to snack: Anything that fulfills my sweet tooth
Daily caffeine intake: 0-1 cup, usually a vanilla latte


Rosa Fatica Showers
Education Coordinator/Purchasing

Must have hair product: Very difficult to choose just 1... I have to go with Urgent Repair Shampoo
Hidden talent: I can touch my tongue to my nose
Favorite musician: Ed Sheeran
Go to snack: Pretzels with Nutella, sweet and salty
Daily caffeine intake: Hot coffee with oat milk, at least 2 cups!

Fatica 3629

Phil Fay
Order Processing


Bear v5

Bear Dill
Certified Warehouse Dog

Hi there, my name is Bear. I take my job very seriously. You can always find me up to something around warehouse. Playing, chewing on my bones, distracting anyone from work to pet me, barking at the worst possible times when someone is on the phone, etc.

BUT, my bark is way louder than my bite. In fact I don't bite. I am only loud because I like to protect the warehouse. I am the snuggliest and loviest Golden Retriever in the whole world. I appreciate pets, treats, and your utmost attention, 24/7. I am working on personal space but let's face it, I'm failing miserably. What can I say? I love just about every person who walks through our warehouse doors! You show me love, you are a friend of mine.