Return Policy

1/2/24 – We are currently undergoing a package change with Eufora and managing two inventories. All old packaging will no longer be accepted as returns. If you have any questions please call our warehouse. Thank you for understanding! 


All product returns must be processed through your Angelo's Salon Consultant. If you do not have an assigned Salon Consultant, call our warehouse with the information listed below, and we will assist you in processing your return.

  1. Provide your sales consultant with the products being returned, and a copy of the invoice from the purchase of the items you are returning. The invoice date must be within 90 days of the return date.
  2. Pricing stickers and glue residue must be removed.
  3. Product Label must be current, and package must be in good condition.

 If the above guidelines are met, you will receive FULL credit applied to your account, and will NOT be charged a re-stocking fee.

 Note: Introductory kits and salon promotions are not eligible for return credit at any time (unless defective or damaged) as they are highly leveraged with free merchandise and/or free education.


On rare occasions, you may have a salon customer return a product to you. Angelo's will provide a FULL refund to the salon account if this might occur. This situation only requires that the salon return the item to your Angelo's Salon Consultant. No record of invoice is necessary. At that time, full credit will be issued to your salon account.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please do not hesitate to ask your Salon Consultant for assistance.