Pennello Brush

Pennello Brush

Pennello is an essential tool for styling hair because it can be used to perfectly:

  • comb conditioner through newly washed hair
  • glide through the hair so not to pull, tug, break or tangle
  • comb color through allowing it to penetrate evenly
  • assist with power drying long hair
  • style short hair
  • back-comb hair; it does so without tearing the hair which makes smoothing out your set much easier
  • rake through curled hair, allowing it to look very natural
  • won't make really curly hair bigger or frizzy

Pennello is not just a tool for women or hair stylists either! Men and children will enjoy it because:

  • For men, it rakes through their hair allowing it to flow in its natural growth pattern. It makes their hair fall naturally so not to looked coiffed - and it works great on bushy beards!
  • For children, because when combing their hair, it will not rip or tear causing them discomfort, hair time can be fun time!

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