Introducing Eufora Pro Treatment: Your step-by-step guide!

Introducing Eufora Pro Treatment: Your step-by-step guide!

Monday May 23rd, 2022

Eufora Pro Treatment is an exceptional performing, in-salon, custom-blended service. It will instantly address and restore health, vibrancy, manageability, elasticity, and vitality to hair and scalp. All words we like to hear as salon owners and stylists! This is a new service you can add to your salon menu whether you are new to Eufora or have been using their products for years. The bottom line? Pro Treatment is super-charged and different. Your client will see INSTANT gratification when he or she leaves the chair. If you are as excited as we are, contact your salon consultant to order now! 

A system that provides lasting results!
  • Customizable professional formulations for the biggest hair and scalp challenges.
  • Supercharged to treat, repair, and strengthen hair from the inside out.
  • Does not leave heavy residue or build-up on the hair.
  • Mindful packaging designed with a PCR display, and bottles made from 100% recyclable materials (no wasteful single use applicators).
  • Tested and approved by Professional Salons. Pro Treatment is gluten free and vegan. 
Product Guide:


  1. NutriBASE™ — the foundation of the treatment, use on dense coarse hair texture.
  2. NutriBASE LITE™ — the foundation of the treatment, use on thin fine hair texture.


  1. RapidREPAIR™ — for damaged, dry and overprocessed hair. Strengthens and repair's structure damage and reduces breakage. Dramatically improves elasticity, strand density and manageability. Boosts moisture for long lasting shine and a silky texture.
  2. FrizzCONTROL™ — for all hair types to fight frizz and enhance shine. Promotes maximum and long-lasting frizz control and reduction. Increases hair health and tensile strength. Creates a lipid barrier to retain moisture, smooth the cuticle and enhance shine. 
  3. ScalpREMEDY™ — for dry and irritated scalp. Dramatically alleviates irritation caused by scalp conditions. Clears and nourishes hair follicles to promote optimum scalp health. Provides long lasting relief for dry and itchy scalp. 


  • SEALANT™ — for sealing in the professional treatment benefits. Ensures longevity of all PROTREATMENT services. Improves combability and shine. Shields hair against surfactants and environmental stressors. Improves oxidative and non-oxidative color retention and vibrancy. 


  • ColorELIXIR™ 1 & 2 — same great products, updated packaging. Blend Step 1 and Step 2 together in a PROTREATMENT for direct dye preservation. Made with NAOPLEX™ Technology, a complex of supercharged natural antioxidants and vegetable proteins to protect bonds, preventing free radical damage. Finish with Pro Treatment Sealant to protect color service, extend benefits, and enhance shine. 

Are you asking yourself questions about Pro Treatment? Well good — because we love providing answers! Contact your salon consultant or check out Eufora's FAQ page to find everything you need to know.

How to use Pro Treatment:

InkedPro Treatment Application LI
InkedColor elixir as pro treatment LI
InkedColor elixir in a color service LI