8 Questions To Ask Clients When Reopening Your Salon

8 Questions To Ask Clients When Reopening Your Salon

Thursday Apr 30th, 2020


Prepare the salon for reopening with our COVID-19 consultaion checklist at Angelo's SDG, covering communication, booking, and scheduling.

Consultation is KEY

As stay-at-home restrictions start to ease and you begin planning to reopen your salon, it will be critical that you communicate clearly and consistently with not only your team, but with clients as well. This complete guide will provide useful tips for consulting over the phone before your guest comes in for their first appointment back - as business looks a little different, the client’s appointment likely will as well. So let’s get into the important questions to ask on the phone to best serve our guests once they arrive in the salon.

First, start by listing clients in order from the earliest canceled appointment. Your client’s needs have likely changed since they last visited the salon, and they may need additional attention and services compared to their usual scheduled appointment.

  1. When was the last time your hair was colored?

  2. If you colored your hair at home, what brand of color did you use?

  3. Are you looking to maintain your color or make a change?

  4. What kind of color are you looking for?
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5. Your last haircut was on --/--. When you visit us, would you like to have that done in addition to your color?

As we know, things have CHANGED. That client who wasn't previously booked for a haircut when you had to cancel their last appointment, may be ready for their haircut now.. OR they may just want to make a change!

6. What best describes the feeling of your hair currently?

7. Would you like to add on a customized conditioning treatment to address your hair needs?

Tip: Consider minimizing certain services, such as blow-drys, in the initial weeks after re-opening. For salons with bundled pricing, offer a complimentary treatment instead of the blow-dry as an option for the client if they would like to minimize the time in the salon for safety. This will have an added benefit of enabling you to schedule more color clients rather than spending excessive time on blowouts. Give the client that option when booking.


8. What would you like us to set aside for you to take home that day for at-home maintenance?

Now is a great time to get all of your guests stocked up on all of their favorite products. As we know, our hair needs are constantly changing. During your call, ask the guest if there is anything they know they will need so that you can have those products set aside for them in advance, and assure them their stylist will also address their hair needs during the appointment and provide recommendations.